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Friday, May 15, 2015

Women Don't Need Abortion: I'm Pro-Life BirthMother From Rape Who Hates These Exceptions in H.R. 36

Hello, I am Crystal. I became a birth-mother after rape at age 14. Pro-choicers and Pro-Lifers both agree that I needed an exception. I disagree. You see, I don't just believe in Women's Rights, I believe in Human Rights.

Let me tell you about a dream I have. Hopefully, after you hear about my dream, you'll know in your heart what I really needed. Everyone may not get my dream, but some one will. And Maybe, you will stand up for women like me, and babies like my late Nephew, who was born premature and lived a short, but extremely meaningful, life.

Photo Credit: Michael Clancy

I Have a DREAM. I have a dream that one day we'll have thousands of Sanctuaries around the world for all the women and girls who feel they need a truly safe CHOICE when they become unexpectedly pregnant. Sanctuaries that protect the endangered lives of unborn children. Yep, like back in the day, but only better. If they feel no one is there for them, or no one will be able to be there for their baby, they get questions asked.

This would be a place that gives them life, options, and doesn't tell them they must choose death. Where they aren't a shame or a burden. I have a dream one day we will live in a world where there is a law that protects babies, and protects women from being told they have to end a life in order to have or keep their own. Free from a world that says we have to make it legal, so that it will be safe to do and no one has to know.

I believe that Women, be they young and old, are strong. I believe they are so much smarter than we give them credit for. I also believe there are some good men out there that if given the chance, would take the responsibility off her shoulders and raise that baby alone. Sometimes they just need a hand. It doesn't have to be a hand that is given from people's taxes forced to pay it. But a hand up that is given by people who care and want to give. Most people want to give life, when given the choice.

Men, women, we can stick together and say no more. NO MORE EXCEPTIONS. No more protecting the life of rapists and molesters more than babies, No more discriminating against a kids with abnormalities, no more leaving women to fend for themselves when they get "knocked up" and are only "choosing this" because they have to. We give more money to feed, clothe and house rapists and molesters, than we will give to help a woman in an unplanned pregnancy.

My dream is that those young girls, those women, and those babies can be brought back to life, then go out into the world and tell the ones who tried to leave them for dead or kill them, that they survived and others can too.

Let's tell them that their lives matter. Let's tell those with exceptions that EVERY life matters. The one who is pregnant, the one who is living inside her, as well as all the men who are willing to help or ask for help. Let's give them a sanctuary, and a safe country where they can then help someone else make it, and for that human being to be able to live their life to it's natural end. I want all humans to live their lives until the good Lord takes them home; whether they are premature like my sweet angel Nephew, or whether they are born with their heart outside their chest. I want women to be able to live in peace long enough to make a decision to parent or not, and not have to be in pain any longer than necessary to make sure that baby doesn't have to know pain either. I have a dream that women who feel they can't carry to term don't have to, but it doesn't mean that baby has to die.

What year are we living in? We are about to see cars on the road that drive themselves, and robots that do almost every job a human could.

We're in 2015 and worried about back alley abortions being unsafe? We have enough technology and doctors around to kill a baby without killing a woman (abortion, most of the time it doesn't kill her), We also have enough technology that we can grow a human heart in a petri dish. Yes, we can clone a sheep, grow an ear, and cryogenically freeze a human embryo. We can take an embryo and put it inside of a woman who it doesn't even belong to, and let her experience motherhood.

Let's keep it real, even if we throw out this misogynistic law....even if you really WANT to kill that heart beating inside the womb, you can get it done anyway. You can find a way to get it done because we have enough technology and plenty of licensed doctors who will do business with you without a conscience.

I have a dream that we can figure out with technology how to protect the woman's life threatened by a pregnancy (rare), or use technology to safely remove and incubate a baby from inside a woman who didn't ask for it, before that woman is even big enough to start showing. I have a dream where we can accept a human's abnormalities, age, and origin long enough to let them make whatever positive impact on this world they were brought here for ...whether they were brought here by biological science, the power of God, the Fateful alignment of the Stars, or the folly of Man.

Does anyone believe? Do you get that we live in a world that protects rapists, food companies that give us the abnormalities, and teaches young girls in grade school that getting pregnant at 14, or even age 24 out of wedlock, will destroy their life? I didn't need an abortion. I need a smile, a hug, and hand, and a way out of my situation that seemed impossible.

Do you believe we can give women life so they don't have to kill one? Do you believe that we could end a law (opposed even now by the women in the case which the law was based on) that makes exceptions to giving our women and children all the LOVE, PROTECTION, and HONOR they deserve? That we can empower every woman and every man as Life Givers? #prolife #noexceptions #birthmotherfromrape #savethe1

I didn't choose this life, it chose me. I'm okay with that. You'll be okay too no matter what life throws your way. I love you all.  #alllivesmatter #equalrights #humanrights #personhood #womensrights #abortion #chooselife #prochoice

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why You're Not Healed Yet and 3 CRITICAL Next Steps to Take to Heal Your Life.

I've watched so many of my friends and loved ones struggle just like me to overcome the grip that the past has on them...the shame...the pain...the patterns and cycles...the isolation...the numbing and coping. Just like them I cried out, prayed, even had people at Church lay hands on me. Still, it seems like I could never break free, and I kept allowing myself to make the same dumb choices over and over. I was hurt, and I needed help. 

However, while that coming to Jesus moment was critical and the FAITH that God could heal me was a the first step, it was up to me to take the next steps. Jesus said, GO, your faith has healed you...NOW GO AND SIN NO MORE...LAY DOWN THAT LIFE, TAKE UP MY CROSS, FOLLOW ME. Let's take a practical look at this.

**Some things I had to do (and will continue to work on the rest of my life) are: 

  1. ASK FOR HELP: Shame requires isolation to keep us bound. You must take the first step and ask for a MORE THAN JUST PRAYER. ie. Counseling, anonymous hotlines, look for support groups, and free services in your area. **Get in a good Bible-based fellowship to keep me encouraged and accountable to staying on the right path (shout out to Hope's House Christian Ministries in Granada Hills)
  2. TALK TO GOD: Stay immersed in God's word, and learn about His promises and His love for me.Talk to God about why I'm hurting, Confess the things I've done, and LISTEN to what God has to say about love, peace, forgiveness, obedience, and the plans He has for you to prosper you.
  3. TURN AWAY: Get serious about changing your life by OBEDIENCE to God's voice in your Spirit! His Joy and pleasing Him will be your strength. After you confess, you must repent. That means to turn away from that old life by DOING the following:
    a. Ceasing all contact with TOXIC relationships with men (or women) I keep running back to. Put up your blinders to block out distractions, even change your number or move if you have to!
    b. TURN AWAY from the bottle, the club, the drugs, the sex to NUMB my pain and allow myself to FEEL again, even though the pain is scary and it hurts.  Remember to immerse myself in God's word again when I feel alone and hurt..He gave me a COMFORTER and a HELPER (The Holy Spirit).
    c. CLEAN HOUSE and turn away from unhealthy friendships that tempt you to your old life!

Truthfully, I need to add a fourth step. I don't want anyone to think that the scars that sexual abuse, domestic violence, or an abusive childhood has on them are "curable." The truth is, you will likely carry those scars the rest of your life. But, YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A VICTIM or stuck in a VICTIM MENTALITY. You can have victory over what has happened to you, and what you have done! When God said take up the cross, he meant that we'd suffer with HIM through this life. We won't ever be alone in this journey unless we turn our back on him. I'm not scar free, and I still suffer! I still struggle! I have been in counseling for FIVE YEARS NOW. But I am no longer a VICTIM! I am a VICTOR! And I will continue to get back up every time I fall and rely on God's love and mercy to get me through and help me make something positive out of this mess. So, here's the fourth step...and believe me, I am right there with you!

4. REPEAT steps 1-3 over and over and over again ....and remember that God gives mercy, grace, and healing, but that he won't do the work for me. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Irony of Unveiling our Shame

Ironically, uncovering your shame and being vulnerable is the gateway to healing, courage, compassion, and helping others.. Some of you might wonder why I talk so much about God, and motivational stuff...but you just don't know my story! I can't count on my two hands how many times I've wanted to, thought about, or even tried to take my own life in the last decade, even as recently as this past year. Or some of the horrible things I've done and disgusting things that have been done to me because I didn't love myself. What keeps me fighting toward a future is that God reminds me every time that I have a special purpose here. We all have a story, and God and the universe have a purpose for you too. A beautiful, glorious one.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Upcoming Broadcast! 3 Easy Steps to Overcome Shame; Find Self-Worth Despite The Abuse and Mistakes 03/24 by Crystal Blount Ministries | Self Help Podcasts

Upcoming Victory for Victims Broadcast!

Click the link below to join me on March 24 at 10:00am PST

3 Easy Steps to Overcome Shame; Find Self-Worth Despite The Abuse and Mistakes 03/24 by Crystal Blount Ministries | Self Help Podcasts

In this episode of Victory for Victims, empowerment speaker Crystal Blount will open up about the stronghold of SHAME in her own life, and teach others about the 3 easy steps she uses to overcome feelings of shame. Shame is a powerful burden many carry causing them to feel they must hide and cover themselves as a result of feeling guilty or being shunned.  Being shunned or feeling guilty and invaluable after rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and a number of poor coping methods, she encourages those living under the weight of unworthiness to find better ways to cope. These healthy ways to care for your SELF that allow you to find self-acceptance, love, and healing instead of emptiness and more rejection. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Giving Yourself Away

We've all had moments where we gave ourselves to others and it was taken for granted, abused, or disregarded.  Or, perhaps we've given so much of ourselves and been spread so thin that we feel as though we're a hamster on a wheel and dont even know who we are and what makes us happy anymore.

When we give ourselves away to God for his purposes and accept and identify ourselves by what He says about us, we find fulfillment. When the seeds of our efforts fall on the fertile ground of God's Kingdom, we are blessed with fruit He gives us and God can exponentially take our smallest efforts and make miraculous, enormous things happen!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Healing for Rape and Abuse Survivors: Listen to Crystal Blount Ministries | Blog Talk Radio

Do you often find yourself struggling with anger management, fear and anxiety, trust issues, fear of intimacy, post traumatic stress disorder, or depression? Have you found it difficult to move on from the pain of past abuse? Do you loved ones repeatedly encourage you to "find out who you are" and "learn to love yourself"?
In this week's episode we'll talk more about learning to trust again after trauma and abuse. Crystal Blount, a survivor of sexual assault, shares lessons she has learned about caring for self, learning to love yourself, coping with emotional anxiety and depression, and healing and moving past childhood trauma and sexual assault. Listeners are encouraged to prioritize time for self-care, prayer and intimacy with God, and recognize when they need to seek professional help. 
If you have show ideas or any interest in being a guest on the show, feel free to email Crystal Blount Ministries at 

Please follow and stay tuned to my radio show as I reach out and share my testimony and lessons I've learned throughout my recovery. Share this with someone you know! I pray that it will really encourage or inform them!

Victory Not Victims with Crystal B Online Radio by Crystal Blount Ministries | Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Trust is a hard thing for anyone, but for a survivor of abuse, it can be especially difficult. Enjoy this poem I wrote.

You say everything’s for sure
And You’ll never have another
But I can’t seem to shake this fear
I know that pain all too well
This wall is begging to come down
But every time I think I’m fine
I give an inch it takes a mile
I’m jumping but I feel like I’m falling