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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Healing for Rape and Abuse Survivors: Listen to Crystal Blount Ministries | Blog Talk Radio

Do you often find yourself struggling with anger management, fear and anxiety, trust issues, fear of intimacy, post traumatic stress disorder, or depression? Have you found it difficult to move on from the pain of past abuse? Do you loved ones repeatedly encourage you to "find out who you are" and "learn to love yourself"?
In this week's episode we'll talk more about learning to trust again after trauma and abuse. Crystal Blount, a survivor of sexual assault, shares lessons she has learned about caring for self, learning to love yourself, coping with emotional anxiety and depression, and healing and moving past childhood trauma and sexual assault. Listeners are encouraged to prioritize time for self-care, prayer and intimacy with God, and recognize when they need to seek professional help. 
If you have show ideas or any interest in being a guest on the show, feel free to email Crystal Blount Ministries at 

Please follow and stay tuned to my radio show as I reach out and share my testimony and lessons I've learned throughout my recovery. Share this with someone you know! I pray that it will really encourage or inform them!

Victory Not Victims with Crystal B Online Radio by Crystal Blount Ministries | Blog Talk Radio

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